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Mã sản phẩm: AT-WT01
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Ⅰ:Technical parameters:

Machinesize: 12000MM*4200MM*3200MM(L*W*H)
Washablecarsize: 1950MM*2000MM(W*H)
Conveyorspeed: 5-6m/min
Washingcapacity: 60-80carsperhour
Waterconsumption: 150-200literspercar
Powersupply&consumption: 380V,50Hz,3Phase,40Kw
Compressairsupply: 0.8Mpa

Ⅱ: Product introduction:

This car washing machine is suitable for the small and medium size vehicle to high pressure water washing, wax, drying, chassis cleaning and wax.


1.Main componentsare high reliability with long service life.
2.Automatic control and multi-function operation,such aswashing,dryingandwax.
3.Tunnel type structureis safe and good view.(Glass wall is optional)
4.Highpressurewatersystemcleansthe vehiclealldirection.
6.Chinesefoam&supersoftbrushes,impossibletoscratchlacquer,eachsetcouldbeused forabout100,000car-times.

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