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Mã sản phẩm: AT-WD02
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Ⅰ:Technical parameters:

Machine size: 2150MM*5160MM*5650MM(L*W*H)
Machine weight: 3500Kg
Washable car size: 12000MM*2800MM*4200MM(L*W*H)
Rail length: 20000MM
Width between rails: 4250MM
Washing time: 3-6 min per bus
Water consumption: 150-180liters per bus
Power supply & consumption: 380V,50Hz, 3 Phase, 13.5Kw

Ⅱ: Product introduction:

   AT-WD02 series bus wash equipment is fully automatic system. The equipment are roll over gantry type system, where the vehicle is driven in by the customer. The equipment use experience brush washing technology. The complete equipment is built as modular structure and transport in partly-assembled form. The complete structure is galvanized and painted, to avoid corrosion in the harsh bus wash conditions.


  • Cost-effective use for bus & coach, city bus, double deck, etc.

  • Multiple wash programs, contains all the necessary functions for a successful washing operation.

  • The structure is manufactured with heavy tubular sections, with modular design foam brush, washes gently without scratch.

  • Frequency control at the travel and lift drives for a careful, smooth running and variable speeds.

  • Precise control, contour-tracking washing.

  • Optional 7 brushes, 9 brushes, water recycling system.

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